3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Displaying WLAN Mesh Services Information 279
When wireless bridging is enabled for a service profile, the MAPs with the
applied service profile serve as bridge peers. When a Mesh AP associates
with a Mesh Portal AP through this service profile, the Mesh Portal AP
automatically configures the Mesh AP to operate in bridge mode.
The display service-profile command indicates whether bridging has
been enabled for the service profile.
Displaying WLAN
Mesh Services
The display ap status terse command indicates which MAPs are Mesh
APs and
which are Mesh Portal MAPs. For example:
WX# display ap status terse
Total number of entries: 120
Operational: 1, Image Downloading: 0, Unknown: 119, Other: 0
Flags: o = operational, b = booting, d = image downloading
c = configuring, f = configuration failed
a = auto AP, m = mesh AP, p = mesh portal
i = insecure, e = encrypted, u = unencrypt
AP Flag IP Address Model MAC Address Radio1 Radio2 Uptime
--- ---- --------------- --------- ----------------- ------ ------ ------
7 om-u MP-422 00:0b:0e:00:ca:c0 D 1/1 D56/1 19h47m
The display ap status command displays the mesh services attributes for
a MAP and the associated BSSID of the Mesh Portal. For example:
WX# display ap status
AP: 1, IP-addr: (vlan 'corp'), AP model: mp-422,
manufacturer: 3Com, name: AP01
State: operational (not encrypt)
CPU info: Atheros:MIPS32 speed=220000000 Hz version=AR5312, ram=16777216
s/n=111111 hw_rev=n/a
Uptime: 0 hours, 0 minutes, 11 seconds
Uplink BSSID: 00:0b:0e:17:bb:00
Radio 1 type: 802.11g, state: configure succeed [Enabled] (802.11b protect)
operational channel: 6 (Auto) operational power: 18
bssid1: 00:0b:0e:fd:fd:cc, ssid: public
RFID Reports: Inactive
Antenna Link Calibration: Enabled