3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Displaying Spanning Tree Information 361
Configuring Uplink
Fast Convergence
To enable or disable uplink fast convergence, use the following
set spantree uplinkfast {enable | disable}
Displaying Uplink
Fast Convergence
To display uplink fast convergence information, use the following
display spantree uplinkfast [vlan vlan-id]
The following command displays uplink fast convergence information for
all VLANs:
WX1200# display spantree uplinkfast
VLAN port list
1 1(fwd),2,3
In this example, ports 1, 2, and 3 provide redundant links to the network
core. Port 1 is forwarding traffic. The remaining ports block traffic to
prevent a loop.
Spanning Tree
You can use CLI commands to display the following STP information:
Bridge STP settings and individual port information
Blocked ports
Port fast, backbone fast, and uplink fast convergence information
For information about the display commands for the fast convergence
features, see “Configuring and Managing STP Fast Convergence
Features” on page 358.
Displaying STP Bridge
and Port Information
To display STP bridge and port information, use the following command:
display spantree [port port-list | vlan vlan-id] [active]
By default, STP information for all ports and all VLANs is displayed. To
display STP information for specific ports or a specific VLAN only, enter a
port list or a VLAN name or number. For each VLAN, only the ports
contained in the VLAN are listed in the command output.