3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Both commands have options to specify the types of files you want to
back up and restore:
critical—Backs up or restores system files, including the configuration
file used when booting, and certificate files. The size of an archive
created by this option is generally 1MB or less. This is the default for
the restore command.
all—Backs up or restores the same files as the critical option, and all
files in the user files area of nonvolatile storage. (The user files area
contains the set of files listed in the file section of dir command
output.) Archive files created by the all option are larger than files
created by the critical option. The file size depends on the files in the
user area, and the file can be quite large if the user area contains
image files. This is the default for the backup command.
If the archive’s files cannot fit on the switch, the restore operation fails.
3Com recommends deleting unneeded image files before creating or
restoring an archive.
Use the critical option if you want to back up or restore only the
system-critical files required to operate and communicate with the
switch. Use the all option if you also want to back up or restore WebAAA
pages, backup configuration files, image files, and any other files stored
in the user files area of nonvolatile storage.
The maximum supported file size is 32 MB. If the file size of the tarball is
too large, delete unnecessary files (such as unneeded copies of system
image files) and try again, or use the critical option instead of the all
Neither option archives image files or any other files listed in the Boot
section of dir command output. The all option archives image files only if
they are present in the user files area.
The backup command stores the MAC address of the switch in the
archive. By default, the restore command works only if the MAC address
in the archive matches the MAC address of the switch where the restore
command is entered. The force option overrides this restriction and
allows you to unpack one switch’s archive onto another switch.
CAUTION: Do not use the force option unless advised to do so by 3Com.
If you restore one switch’s system files onto another switch, you must
generate new key pairs and certificates on the switch.