3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

location policy An ordered list of rules that overrides the virtual LAN (VLAN)
assignment and security ACL filtering applied to users during normal
authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) — or assigns a
VLAN or security ACL to users without these assignments. Defining
location policy rules creates a location policy for local access within a
Wireless Switch (WX). Each WX switch can have only one location
policy. See also location policy rule.
location policy rule A rule in the location policy on a Wireless Switch (WX) that grants or
denies a set of network access rights based on one or more criteria.
Location policy rules use a username or VLAN membership to
determine whether to override — or supply — authorization attributes
during authentication and to redirect traffic. Location policy rules are
processed in the order in which they appear in the location policy. See
also location policy.
MAC (1) Media access control. See MAC address. (2) Message authentication
code. A keyed hash used to verify message integrity. In a keyed hash,
the key and the message are inputs to the hash algorithm. See also
MAC address Media access control address. A 6-byte hexadecimal address that a
manufacturer assigns to the Ethernet controller for a port. Higher-layer
protocols use the MAC address at the MAC sublayer of the Data Link
layer (Layer 2) to access the physical media. The MAC function
determines the use of network capacity and the stations that are
allowed to use the medium for transmission.
MAC address glob A 3Com convention for matching media access control (MAC)
addresses or sets of MAC addresses by means of known characters plus
a “wildcard” asterisk (*) character that stands for from 1 byte to
5 bytes of the address. See also user glob; VLAN glob.
MAC protocol data
MAC service data