3G Green Green Globe MTC-28H Tablet User Manual

Horizontal Array Bracket Installation Instructions
Horizontal array brackets are used to mount two Control loudspeakers to a wall (Figure 1) or, when
combined with two additional brackets, six loudspeakers may be attached then suspended from a
ceiling or beam (Figures 2-4). In this example a single JBL model MTC-28H horizontal array
bracket is used.
The loudspeakers left and right side tapers allow two speakers to array in a horizontal arc pattern
for a wide coverage in the horizontal plane. Aiming angles can be adjusted via the speaker’s
Invisiball™ adjustment system for flexibility in meeting coverage requirements.
Caution: this bracket should be installed by a qualified technician only.
Use the diagrams on the following pages to properly install this wall mounting and ceiling
suspended bracket and loudspeakers. The following items are included in the MTC-28H kit:
1. 1 pc. Mounting Bracket 5. 4 pcs. 10-24 x ½" screw
2. 8 pcs. Screws ¼"-20 x ¾" 6. 4 pcs. # 10 flat washer
3. 8 pcs. Flat washer (¼" inside) 7. 4 pcs. # 10 1ock nut
4. 8 pcs. Locknut (¼"-20)
Wall Mounting
Step 1.
Install The two Invisiballs onto the bracket (see figure 1) using the included screws (item
#2).washers (item #3) and lock nuts (item #4). Be sure that all screws and lock nuts are
tightened for a Permanent Installation.
Step 2.
Secure the bracket assembly to the mounting surface.
Caution: Always be sure the mounting surface and the method of attaching the bracket to the
mounting surface is structurally capable of supporting the weight of the speakers and the brackets
with a 10:1 safety ratio. If you have any doubts of the capability, do not install this bracket.
Step 3.
Follow instructions included with the Control 28 loudspeakers for mounting the speakers onto the
Invisiball™ mounting bases and for adjusting the aiming angles.