3M 740B30 Printer Accessories User Manual

High Flow Filter Cartridges
Series 740B30
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Technical Data
Features, Advantages and Benefits
The 3M™ High Flow Filter Cartridge 740B30, which incorporates the patented radial pleat,
puts an extraordinary amount of surface area into a single cartridge. This results in the following:
High loading capacity for long life and lower cost filtration.
Fewer cartridges for fewer change-outs and lower labor cost.
Fewer seals, reduced risk of bypass resulting in high quality filtration .
Extremely low disposal costs, less than a tenth of some cartridges.
Double O-ring seals in a variety of material options means:
Extremely low risk of bypass for high quality fluids.
No loose parts to assemble for easy installation, thus less labor cost.
Also, no springs and caps to lose reduces the risk of bypass.
Broad chemical compatibility for many applications.
Convenient handle for easy manual or mechanical removal.
Materials of Construction
Filter Media:
Meltblown polypropylene microfiber filter
media provides high particle removal efficiency
for high quality filtration with broad chemical
o silicone is intentionally used in materials of
construction or in manufacturing.
The raw materials composing these filters are
FDA compliant according to CFR Title 21.
Number Material
7010 FDA Buna N (standard)
7011 Ethylene Propylene Rubber
7012 PTFE encapsulated Silicone
7013 FDA Silicone
7014 Fluoroelastomer
Prefilters or final filters for:
Acids and bases Machine coolants
Amines Magnetic media
Carbon beds Makeup water
Completion fluids Organic solvents
Deep wells Photo chemicals
Desalination Plating solutions
DI resins RO membranes
EDM fluids Storm water
Glycol UF membranes
Groundwater clean-up Wastewater
Laundry water Waterflood
Workover fluids