Abocom EFM560 Network Card User Manual

External External
External FaxModem 56K
FaxModem 56KFaxModem 56K
FaxModem 56K
The External Fax Modem 56K is Bell, ITU-T (formerly
CCITT) compliant and Hayes AT command compatible,
so that it can be used worldwide with today’s popular
communication software programs. You will be able to
send and receive faxes to/from any Group 3 compatible
fax machine. Using standard phone lines, the data
communication functions of the modem will enable you
to successfully hook up to the Internet, transmit E-mail,
send and receive information and communicate with
other PCs, Bulletin Board Services (BBS) or computer
networks such as Compuserve.
K56flex, V.90, V.34bis, V.34, V.32bis, V.32, V.22bis, V.22, and V.21, Bell 212A and Bell 103
V.17, V.29, V.27ter, and V.21 channel 2 Group 3 send and receive facsimile
Error Correction
V.42 and MNP 2-4
Data Compression
V.42bis and MNP 5
Communication software compatible commands
Hayes compatible enhanced "AT" command set
Fax Service Class 1 commands
Built-in DTE interface
DTE speed up to 115,200 bps
16C550 UART interface
A telephone line with RJ-11 jack
A free COM port
A CD-ROM drive
Windows 95/ 98/ 2000/Millennium or Windows NT pre-installed