Abocom GFM560 Network Card User Manual

GSM Ready
V.90/56K Fax/Modem
PC Card
A wire & wireless Combo communication PC Card
The GSM Ready V.90/56K Fax/Modem PC Card brings a truly high
speed, easy-to-use, portability, and mobility into your fingertips. No
matter where you are on the road or in the office, the GFM560 can
almost connect you to anywhere the electronic media exists: E-mail,
FAX, and Internet
Major GSM handsets support.
Microsoft Plug and Play compatible.
Easy Installation procedures on both GSM and Fax/Modem.
Major operating systems support on both GSM and Fax/Modem.
Internal DAA with standard 15-pin detachable interface connector
plus RJ-11 cable for direct connection to the telephone wall outlet.
Digital line protection design guards the modem against connecting
to high-current digital PABX.
Low power consumption and automatic sleep mode to extend PC
battery life.
GSM Operating Mode Specifications:
GSM Modem
Data Transparent rate 300 - 9,600 bps
Non-transparent, uses Radio Link Protocol (GSM 04.22)
UDI Support
Group 3, Class 1, ECM (Error Correction Mode)
Fax Speed : 2400 - 9600 bps
GSM SMS (Short Message Service)
Mobile Terminated (MT), Mobile Originated (MO)
According to ETSI 07.07 & 07.05 Standards, PDU Mode
Up to 160 symbols, Ready for CONCAT Mode
GSM Commands
Hayes AT (GSM 07.07 & 07.05)
GSM Mobile Phones Supported
Ericsson, Nokia
More to be announced
GSM Operative System Support
Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows NT
Analog Modem Operating Mode Specifications
Modem Operating Protocol
V.90 (Up to 56,000 bps, download)
K56Flex (Up to 56,000 bps download)
V.34 + (Up to 33,600 bps)
V.32 bis(14,400/12,000/9,600/7,200 bps)
V.32 (9600/4800 bps)
V.22 bis (2,400 bps)
V.23 (1,200 TX/75 RX bps)
V.22/Bell 212A (1,200 bps)
V.21/Bell 103 (300 bps)
Error Correction protocol
V.42 and MNP Class 2 to 4
Data Compression Protocol
V.42 bis and MNP Class 5
Fax Compatibility
Group 3 Send and Receive
EIA Class 1 Fax Commands
ITU-T V.17 up to 14,400 bps
ITU-T V.29 up to 9,600 bps
ITU-T V.27ter up to 4,800 bps
ITU-T V.21 Channel 2 up to 300 bps
Dialing Capability
DTMF tone and rotary pulse
Power-up self-test
Local analog loopback test
Local digital loopback test
Remote digital loopback test
Call Progress Monitoring
Dial tone, busy tone, and ring-back detection
Fax/Modem Command
Hayes compatible AT command set
Analog Operative Systems Support
Windows 98/ 95, Windows CE, Windows NT 3.x & 4.x,
Windows 3.x, Windows 2000, DOS, and more
Power Consumption
Operating Mode: 186 mA
Sleep Mode: 18.5 mA