Abocom XP3241 Switch User Manual

Smart Switch
The XP-3241 SMART Switch is a high performance
switch; it provides users with common and simple
setting functions rather than the sophisticated SNMP
management function on both 24 10/100Mbps Ethernet
ports and optional Gigabit fiber or copper modules. It is
very suitable for small or medium size companies to build up a simple network economically. An
RS-232 serial port, connected with a PC, provides an easy way, through terminal mode, for
installation and initial set-up.
Non-blocking and maximum wire speed performances are designed on all switched ports. It
supports Auto-Negotiation on every switched 24 10/100M RJ-45 ports and on all Gigabit copper
ports. Auto-MDIX functions are additionally supported in order to greatly reduce the matching
effort between straight and cross-over cable issues with all RJ-45 ports including Giga RJ-45 ports.
Uniquely the XP-3241 not only supports port-based VLAN but also supports 802.1Q tag-based
VLAN, and its 7 trunk groups of up to 4 member ports provide link aggregation and load balance
function and specially with fair-over function on trunk ports. Totally front access design and fully
LED status display ease installation, inspection and maintenance efforts at rackmount environments,
moreover, extra LED display reflects the fan status to further secure user’s investment before over-
heat issue happened owing to the malfunction of fan.
Further, variety module can support users with different environments and applications, it supports
not only 100M modules but also Gigabit modules, such as, 100M SC port, 1000BASE-SX,
1000Base-LX or 1000BASE-T; allowing users to increase their network response time at gigabit
speeds and with great flexibility.
Non-blocking, full-line speed, store-and-forward
Auto-Negotiation and Auto-MDIX on all 10/100/1000M copper ports
24 10/100 RJ-45 ports, and 1 optional Gigabit module : copper or fiber module
3M byte packet buffer and 1M byte control buffer
Up to 14K MAC entries and 4K VLAN entries
Support flow control for both half- or full-duplex operation
Support Head-of-Line blocking prevention
Support broadcast storm filtering
Support port-based VLAN and 802.1Q tag- VLAN
Support Port-Trunking with flexible load distribution control and fail-over functions
Provide 7 trunk groups of up to 4 member ports within 26 ports
LED display for each port status: link, activity and speed
Uniquely LED display for fan status: normal or fail