Acer EasyPort III Laptop Docking Station User Manual

Notice for EasyPort connection
For TravelMate 5000
Follow these steps to connect Acer EasyPort:
1 Remove the cap from the orange power jack on the back of the EasyPort, next
to the connector cable.
2 Insert the cap into the 90W DC-in jack on the front of the EasyPort.
3 Plug the EasyPort power cord into the orange power jack on the back of the
4 Connect the EasyPort power cord (1) and cable to the computer (2).
5 Plug the power adapter that came with your notebook into the 135W DC-in
jack (3) on the EasyPort.
Warning: When you plug in the power adapter, please make sure you use the right
port. using the wrong port will cause serious damage
1.The LAN port on Acer EasyPort III supports 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet. When
connected, the Giga LAN on TravelMate 5000 will be disabled. Acer EasyPort III will
also disable the system VGA and S-Video ports when connected.
2.The Acer EasyPort III supports USB 2.0 on all computer models manufactured after
2003 except for TravelMate 360/420/540/650/660 models.