ADC 3600 Network Card User Manual

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Spec Sheet
Metro 3600
SONET Multi-Service Transmission Platform
The LoopStar
Metro 3600 is an advanced, next-generation SONET multi-service transmission
platform that allows service providers to cost-effectively aggregate, deploy, and manage TDM
and Ethernet services. With its compact design and ability to scale from an OC-3 to an OC-192
network, the Metro 3600 provides a low-cost, high-growth solution for adding services at the
central office or at the edge of the network.
When used with the LoopStar 800, LoopStar 810, or LoopStar 1600 products, the Metro 3600
provides a cost-effective aggregation point for multiple subtending rings. The Metro 3600 also can
function as multiple virtual Add-Drop Multiplexers (ADMs) for hub node applications. In addition,
with its versatile cross-connect architecture and high port count, this platform is an efficient
alternative to existing cross-connect systems that require significantly more rack space at two
to three times the cost.
Aggregates and delivers TDM and Ethernet
services over a single transport platform.
Provides efficient support for point-to-
point, point-to-multipoint, or multipoint-to-
multipoint traffic.
Supports network interfaces from an OC-3
to OC-192 and tributary interfaces from
OC-3 to OC-48.
Scales Ethernet services from sub10BaseT
rates up to Gigabit Ethernet using QoS in
conjunction with EoS features.
Offers modular slot design to grow the
network cost-effectively and add services
when required.
Provides multiple network protection
schemes including UPSR, BLSR, and LAPS.
Prevents tributary card failures from
affecting customer traffic with economical
n:1 tributary card protection.
Protects equipment (cross-connections and
management) with redundant cross-connect
and management cards.
Reduces CAPEX by providing MADM and
3/1 DACS functionality in a single platform.
Provides sufficient traffic grooming
capabilities to reduce the need for costly
DACs ports.
Utilizes the same management systems
as those for the LoopStar 800/810/1600:
LoopStar SONET EMS, LoopStar SONET
Web-based LCT.