ADC 800 EMS Network Card User Manual • +1-952-938-8080 • 1-800-366-3891
Spec Sheet
800 EMS
The LoopStar
800 EMS is
an advanced, user-friendly
Graphical User Interface
(GUI) Element Management
System (EMS) for controlling
and managing networks
comprised of LoopStar 800
and LoopStar 810 SONET
access systems. The LoopStar
800 EMS provides users with
sophisticated centralized
control capabilities for
configuring, monitoring, testing,
and managing multiple LoopStar 800/810
systems from a single management platform.
LoopStar 800/810 systems are advanced,
next-generation SONET access systems that
allow service providers to cost-effectively
deploy and manage TDM and Ethernet
services to end-user customers.
With the LoopStar 800 EMS, service
providers can perform advanced
management control functions for their
entire network of LoopStar 800/810 systems.
Configuration Management: •
Network connections, system and
circuit provisioning, system inventory
Fault Management:• Alarm
management and control, alarm
history database management
Performance Monitoring:• Real-time
traffic management, monitoring and
alarming, PM database management
Security:• System access and
password control
Testing:• Circuit and test
management control
Top: Network Configuration Management and System
Alarming, Center: System and Circuit Provisioning,
Bottom:Performance Monitoring and Testing