ADC ComProtect Network Card User Manual

Gas Discharge Tube
Single-Pair Protectors For Series 2 Switching Blocks • +1-952-938-8080 • 1-800-366-3891
Spec Sheet
ADC's ComProtect
2/1 CP TP280A1 GDT
(Gas Discharge Tube) single-pair protection
module, when combined with ADC's LSA-
Series 2 connectivity, is a high-density
system that increases the pair capacity that
can be supported in OSP cabinets. The
ComProtect GDT system provides up to a
50% space savings over traditional systems
utilizing separate cross-connect and protection
fields. By reducing the number of connection
points, the ComProtect GDT system improves
technician productivity and reduces failure
rates. The ComProtect GDT module has been
designed for protecting high bandwidth
circuits, like VDSL2.
OSP protected blocks, designed •
for protecting circuits entering
or leaving cabinets
T1 protected input and output circuits•
Building entrance protection terminal blocks•
Features and Benefits:
Meets applicable GR-1361-CORE, •
GR-1252-CORE, and SR-NWT-2759
Telcordia standards
Meets the “High-Speed Digital Networks •
Operating up to 100 MHz” requirements
of Telcordia GR-974-CORE
Listed to UL 497 •
Meets NEBS Level 3 compliance•
Supports VDSL2 transmission•
Quick VDSL2 migration for •
upgrading from ADSL2+ circuits
by simply changing out solid-state
ComProtect to ComProtect GDT
Cross-connection and protection •
in the same footprint
Termination Block with integrated •
Provides protection to your FTTN network •
elements against overvoltage surges
ComProtect utilizes LSA-PLUS technology •
therefore reducing network failure
frequency rates.
LSA-PLUS technology offers monitoring, •
look-both-ways testing, without lifting
cross-connect jumpers
Gel filled version available to provide •
enhanced protection in harsh