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Spec Sheet
Ethernet Distribution Frame
ADC’s TrueNet
Ethernet Distribution Frame (EDF) forms a central patching location between
active Ethernet network elements. By creating a centralized craft interface for adds, upgrades, and
rearrangements on Ethernet equipment, the EDF enables change without service disruptions. This
central patching location provides a logical and easy-to-manage infrastructure due to two design
All network elements have permanent equipment cable connections that are, once terminated, •
never handled again.
All changes, circuit rerouting, upgrades, maintenance and other activities are accomplished •
using semi-permanent patch cords on the front of the EDF cross-connect bay.
Glide Cable Management Adapter
7' EIA 19" UEF Zone 4 Rack
5 RU TrueNet
Fiber Panel
24-Port Category 6a Patch Panel
8" Glide Cable Management
Bottom Cross-Over Trough