Addonics Technologies AD5SAHPM-E Computer Drive User Manual

Installation Guide
Front View
Side View
Jumper LED connections
Initial RAID configuration is programmed by connecting the
hardware port multiplier to:
one of Addonics SATA controllers that has SiI3124 or
SiI3132 chip set.
USB 2.0 connection (optional Addonics eSATA-USB
adapter is required)
SiI4726 Manager Utility Installation
Note: If you are configuring RAID sets or individual drive,
you need to install the SiI4726 Manager utility to
configure and monitor the RAID sets. Install the
utility from the CD that came with your package.
1. Turn computer ON. Insert Driver Disk into CDROM.
2. The Addonics Technologies Driver Disk window pops
3. Select SATA RAID Utilities. Go to: Other SATA RAID
Utilities link located on the bottom right of the Driver
Disk window. To extract the utility select your operating
system from the list.
4. Extract the files into your system.
5. Install SiI4726 Manger by clicking the setup.exe.
Follow the instructions.
6. After software installation, turn your system off.
The SATARAID Utility Manual can found in the Driver Disk
under User Guides or can be downloaded from
ntroller/SiI476 Manager User Manual.pdf
Note: Independent drive configuration is only supported with
controllers with Silicon Image SiI3124 or SiI3132 chip set or
using the Addonics eSATA-USB adapter.
When the hardware port multiplier is connected to a SATA
Host controller with SiI3124 or SiI3132 chip, in the RAID
BIOS of the host controller, you will only see one drive and
that is the drive connected to port 1 on the hardware PM.
All the SATA drives connected to the hardware PM will show
in the SiI4726 Manager.
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Port 1
Port 2
Port 3
Port 4
Port 5
eSATA Port
4-Pin Floppy
Power Connector