Addonics Technologies ADSAIDE44 Computer Drive User Manual

Model: ADSAIDE44
Installation Guide
Front View
Jumper Settings
Master Slave Cable Select
Note: To set the SATA hard drive as a Master Device
when connected to an IDE channel, you need to
short the top pins located on the converter by
placing a jumper. As a Slave Device short the
middle pins.
1. Locate the SATA connector of your 2.5” SATA drive.
2. Connect the converter board to the SATA connector of
the hard drive.
3. (Optional) Connect the IDE ribbon cable to the 44-pin
connector on the converter. The red edge of the ribbon
cable needs to line up to pin 1 marker of the 44-pin
connector. The other end of the ribbon cable will be
connected to your motherboard’s 44-pin IDE channel.
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44-pin IDE Connector
SATA Power and
Data Connector
Master, Slave &
Cable Select
Pin 1 Marker
15-pin SATA Power &
7-pin Data Connector