ADTRAN 1184519L1 Network Card User Manual

The Small Form-Factor Pluggable (SFP) Gigabit Ethernet,
Single-Fiber is a bidirectional SFP that plugs into the
Central Office Optical Loop Termination (OLT) designed
to accept SFPs. The SFP provides a single optical
interface to the GigE physical interface. Installed into an
appropriate OLT, the SFP provides a Gigabit Ethernet
tributary interface to the supporting system.
NOTE: To ensure compatibility, refer to the documentation
provided with the OLT.
The following features are supported on the SFP:
1000Base-LX 1490 nm Transmitter
1000Base-LX 1310 nm Receiver
Optical distance: 40 km maximum
CAUTION: Due to compliance certification requirements,
only SFPs supplied by ADTRAN should be used.
ADTRAN cannot certify system integrity with
other SFPs.
Operational Specifications
Optical Specifications:
Optical transmit level: –2 dBm to +3 dBm
Optical receive level: –23 dBm to –3 dBm
Optical connectors: LC
Extended Environmental Support:
Operational temperature range: –40°C to +70°C
Storage temperature range: –40°C to +85°C
Relative humidity to 95%, noncondensing
To install the SFP into an appropriate module, complete
the following steps:
1. Inspect the SFP. If damaged, file a claim with the
carrier and then contact ADTRAN Customer Service.
2. Do not remove the protective end cap from the SFP
until the fiber optic cable is ready to be connected.
3. Insert the SFP into the SFP receptacle on the OLT.
Ensure the manufacturer’s label on the SFP is facing
upward for correct installation.
4. Slide the SFP all the way into the receptacle until
there is an audible “click”.
NOTE: The latch on the SFP is used to remove the SFP from
the cage on the circuit card.
5. Continue the installation and turn-up of the OLT
using the instructions in the Job Aid that
accompanied that OLT. The Installation and
Maintenance Practice (I&M) for the ONT is available
online at
Product P/N: 1442140G1
Issue Date: 0804
Document P/N: 61442140G1-22A
Small Form-Factor Pluggable
Gigabit Ethernet, Single-Fiber 40 km