ADTRAN 4106 Plan A Network Card User Manual

Section 5 User Interface Guide TRACER 4106/4206 System Manual
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Resets all system error counters for the TRACER 4106/4206.
Figure 7 shows the TRACER 4106/4206 Link Performance History menu page, which displays detailed
error statistics and minimum received signal level for the RF link (from both the local and remote TRACER
4106/4206 units) in 15-minute and 24-hour increments.
Figure 7. TRACER Link Performance History
The minimum received signal level (MIN RSL) represents the minimum value of received signal level in a
24-hour or 15-minute increment and is displayed as a numerical value from 0 to 255 with 0 corresponding to
0 Volts of RSSI and 255 corresponding to 5 Volts RSSI.
Link errors (
LNK ERR) represent errored seconds across the wireless link, and are generally an indication of
path or interference problems.
The link error count and minimum received signal level for the most recent 24 hours are recorded in
15-minute increments and displayed on the right side of the page. The left side of the page displays the 24
hour totals for the most recent 7 days.
The minimum receive signal level is recorded to aid in troubleshooting problem RF links.
Radio links with high
MIN RSL numbers and intermittent performance are probably
experiencing interference, while links with low
MIN RSL numbers have improperly
engineered paths or excess system losses. A system with
MIN RSL numbers varying widely
indicates an intermittent installation problem such as loose connectors, damaged coax or
lightning arrestors, or water contaminated feedlines.
Press <N> to view the next 8 hours worth of 15-minute totals and <P> to view the
previous 8 hours.
Press <L> from any menu in the TRACER 4106/4206 VT100 menu structure to access the
TRACER Link Performance History menu page.