ADTRAN NetVanta 1524 Switch User Manual

Installing the NetVanta 1524 Series Switch P/N 1200560L1
Quick Start Guide
Quick Start Guide, 61200560L1-13A, November 2004 Technical Support 1-888-4ADTRAN (1-888-423-8726) © 2004 ADTRAN, All Rights Reserved
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4. The initial GUI screen appears.
Two configuration methods are available for your NetVanta Switch:
Web-Based GUI (discussed in this section)
AOS CLI (discussed on page 2)
You may access the web-based GUI from any web browser on your network by
following these steps:
1. Connect the switch to your PC using the ETH 0/0 port on the back of the
2. Set your PC to obtain an IP address automatically (or if using a fixed IP
address, set your PC to
3. Enter the unit’s IP address in your browser address line (see example,
below). The default IP address is
4. You will then be prompted for the username and password (the default
settings are admin and password).