Alesis EC-1 A ES/EBU Network Card User Manual

EC-1 AES/EBU Interface, Appendix E
E-4 EC-1 MANUAL 1.00
The EC-1 is an optional AES/EBU protocol expansion card designed exclusively for the
M20. It provides 8 simultaneous channels of AES/EBU digital audio inputs and outputs
via eight XLR type jacks (four input channel pairs and four output channel pairs). The EC-1
may be installed directly into the M20’s rear panel for simple system integration and
flexibility. With the EC-1 installed, the M20 can receive and transmit AES/EBU digital
audio and digital reference clock.
The EC-1 expansion card is designed for use only with M20 software version 1.11
or higher. If your M20 has a lower software version, contact Alesis
Technical Support at (800) 5-ALESIS or visit our web site at to download the latest M20 software in the form of a
standard MIDI file. You will find instructions for updating the M20 on
the web site as well.
The EC-1 features:
8 channels of AES/EBU digital audio. 8 channels of simultaneous input and output
available on XLR jacks.
Simple hookup and operation. The EC-1 is designed to install in the rear panel of the
M20 and connects to the main circuit board with the included multi-pin ribbon
connector. Once connected, the M20 will detect the card’s presence thereby allowing
digital audio I/O configurations using AES/EBU as the digital audio source with
digital input routing. AES/EBU channel pairs can be selected as a clock source as well.