Allied Telesis 8POE-E Switch User Manual

product information
Small form factor Layer 2-4 8-port Power over Ethernet switch.
The AT-8100L/8POE-E is a Layer 2 to
4 small form factor Ethernet switch
designed for harsh environments.
Unlike traditional DC powered
industrial networking equipment, the -E
Series products are optimized for the
middle ground requirement that needs
classic AC powered enterprise switches,
that ensure high reliability and are tested
to withstand higher temperatures, shock
and vibration.
The AT-8100L/8POE-E switch offers 8
x 10/100TX Power over Ethernet
ports plus two Gigabit combo
10/100/1000T-SFP ports. The 8 ports of
PoE, each delivering up to 30 Watts per
port make this product ideal for IP video
surveillance applications, connectivity
of localized clusters of wireless access
points or PoE powered VoIP systems.
Rugged Compact AC Powered
Form Factor
The AT-8100L/8POE-E compact form
factor enables placement in locations
where space is minimal and mounting
options include rack and wall-mounting.
The benets are that this device can
be mounted in a small enclosed wiring
closet, installed in inaccessible places
in large warehouses or even outdoor
enclosures such as kiosks, ticket vending
machines or NEMA enclosures in
moderate climates.
Rugged and Reliable
» Engineered for extended temperature operation the
AT-8100L/8POE-E is built to withstand significant
vibration and shock and uses high reliability power
supplies and cooling systems. This rugged design
delivers an edge Power over Ethernet access
platform that will keep your devices powered and
Powering the Critical Edge
» The Power over Ethernet ports on the
AT-8100L/8POE-E deliver the power and
connectivity needed to ensure continued operation
of the connected devices whether IP video
surveillance cameras, kiosk mounted push to
talk phones, wireless access points or remote
monitoring devices.
» Enhanced access security such as device address
filtering or network access control for wireless
clients provides protection for the critical edge of
the network.
Easy to Manage
» The industry standard CLI combined with the
simple and intuitive Web management GUI reduces
training needs. Enhanced Stacking enables up to
24 switches to be managed as a single entity or
cluster using standard Ethernet. Benefits include
a reduced number of IP management points, rapid
system upgrades and a more unified management
Key Features
Ease of Management
Designed for rapid deployment with
the minimum of conguration time, the
8100L Series offers features such as
Voice VLAN, LLDP-MED, Enhanced
Stacking and Web management GUI
that facilitates a simple and effective
approach to network management.
Voice VLAN segregates VoIP trafc
from regular Ethernet trafc and
applies to it a higher QoS. It takes the
complexity out of VoIP deployments,
ensures high voice quality and protects
time sensitive voice trafc from being
ooded by other data. LLDP-MED
lets the user auto-congure end
stations to send preconditioned trafc
that adheres to Voice VLAN congured
network policies.
Enhanced Stacking with the 8100L
Series enables the user to make
softwareupgrades for multiple switches
with a single command, plus update all
congurations in a single management
session. The industry standard CLI of
AlliedWare Plus™ combined with the
simple and intuitive Web management
GUI reduces the training needs for
those who require granularity of control,
by providing a familiar interface for
advanced users.
AT-810 0L / 8P OE-E