Allied Telesis AR44xS series Switch User Manual

Software Maintenance Release Note
Version 276-05
for AR450S and AR44xS series routers, and
Rapier i and AT-8800 series switches
This software maintenance release note lists the issues addressed and enhancements made in Maintenance Version 276-05 for Software Release 2.7.6. Release
details are listed in the following table:
Caution: Using a maintenance version on the wrong model may cause unpredictable results, including disruption to the network.
This maintenance release note should be read in conjunction with the following documents:
Release Note for Software Version 2.7.6 for AT-8800, Rapier i, AT-8700XL, AT-8600, AT-9900, AT-8900 and AT-9800 Series Switches and AR400 and AR700
Series Routers (document number C613-10462-00 Rev A)
your router or switch’s Document Set for Software Release 2.7.5. This document set is available on the CD-ROM that shipped with your router or switch,
or from
Caution: Information in this release note is subject to change without notice and does not represent a commitment on the part of Allied Telesis Inc. While every
effort has been made to ensure that the information contained within this document and the features and changes described are accurate, Allied Telesis Inc. can
not accept any type of liability for errors in, or omissions arising from the use of this information.
Models Series Release File Date Size (bytes) GUI file
AR440S, AR441S, AR450S AR400 54276-05.rez 8 September 2006 4512716 d440se27.rsc, d441se27.rsc, d450se27.rsc
Rapier 24i, Rapier 48i, Rapier 16fi Rapier i 86276-05.rez 8 September 2006 4312896 dr24ie27.rsc, dr48ie27.rsc, dr16ie27.rsc
AT-8824, AT-8848 AT-8800 86276-05.rez 8 September 2006 4312896 d8824e27.rsc, d8848e27.rsc