AMX VPN-CP Computer Monitor User Manual

viewpoint wireless touch panel
The AMX ViewPoint Wireless Touch Panel defines simplicity and
convenience. A popular one-touch solution for businesses and homes,
this versatile Touch Panel offers anywhere, anytime control. It's massive
appeal includes quality graphics capabilities, a high-resolution touch
screen,a stylish panel design, and low-cost practicality.
In addition to providing infrared (IR) support, the ViewPoint is available in
1-way and 2-way radio frequency (RF) models. The 1-way ViewPoint is an
economical solution for basic control requirements. The 2-way ViewPoint
delivers information back to the user as to the current status of the AMX
Control System, as well as the ability to use innovative Internet Inside
applications. Both models include exclusive direct-access buttons, two at
each side of the screen, for instant control of channels, lighting
and volume settings.