Apple Computer Monitor Computer Monitor User Manual

VGA 640x480 31.468 kHz 60 Hz
VGA 640x400 31.468 kHz 70 Hz
VGA 640x350 31.468 kHz 70 Hz
MAC II 640x480 35.000 kHz 67 Hz
SVGA 800x600 35.156 kHz 56 Hz
XGA 1024x768 45.000 kHz 56 Hz
When a VGA computer is connected, the selection is made automatically.
A message is displayed when the monitor does not support one of the above
mentioned VGA modes.
Switch your computer to a correct display mode.
& Insert the mains plug 5 (see previous page for the illustration) supplied
into the mains inlet at the back of the monitor and in the wall socket.
Please, only use the supplied rim-earthed mains cord with its built-in filter.
é Remote control: remove the cover of the battery compartment.
Insert the 2 batteries supplied (Type LR6AA-1.5V).
The batteries supplied do not contain the heavy metals mercury and cadmium.
Nevertheless in many countries batteries may not be disposed of with your
household waste. Please check on how to dispose of batteries according to local
Switch the monitor on : Press the power button B at the right side of
the monitor.
A green indicator lights up and the screen comes on.
When the monitor does not receive a certain VGA signal the screen remains
Make sure that your PC is switched on and is in the correct display mode.
Use of the remote control
Computer Display modes