Behringer B1030A Computer Monitor User Manual

TRUTH — High-Resolution,
Active 2-Way Reference Studio Monitor
with 5.25" Kevlar Woofer
Ultra-linear studio monitor with
true active design
Precision Class A/B ampli ers with
active protection circuits: 50 W for
LF/25 W for HF
Ultra-high resolution, ferro uid-
cooled 1" dome tweeter for
ultimate sound reproduction
Long-throw 5.25" woofer with
deformation-resistant Kevlar cone
for ultimate bass response
Ultimate dispersion characteristics
and extremely large “sweet spot”
owing to advanced
wave-guide technology
High-precision crossover network
with 4
order Linkwitz-Riley  lters
Adjustable to a wide range of
acoustic conditions
Separately controlled limiter for
low and high frequency
overload protection
Magnetic shielding allows placement
near computer monitors
“Planet Earth” power supply for
maximum  exibility (100 - 240 V~),
noise-free audio, superior transient
response plus low power
consumption for energy saving
Servo-balanced inputs with XLR,
¼" and unbalanced RCA connectors
High-quality components and
exceptionally rugged construction
ensure long life
Conceived and designed by
When it comes to your studio
recordings, you want honesty.
In fact, considering how important your
art is, you should demand it! That’s why
we designed the new B1030A Reference
Monitors to speak nothing but the TRUTH.
Oh, they still sound great hooked up to
your stereo or your video surround system,
but they were really built with the studio
in mind — where every note you play
or sing is “under the microscope.”
Built on a Legacy
Our TRUTH B2030A and B2031A
monitors have been so wildly successful
that we’ve sold thousands upon thousands
of them to some of the most critical ears
on the planet — ears that demand the
neutral sound of a true reference monitor.
Ask any recording engineer and they will
tell you that listening to a recording on
just a single set of monitors doesn’t always
paint an accurate picture of the mix.
Since people listen to music at home, in
their cars, on mp3 players, etc., it is critical
your  nal mix be heard on as many sizes
and types of speakers as possible.
That’s the reason we created these
smaller B1030A monitors, plus they make
ideal rear channel speakers for surround
sound applications.
Years of R’n’D
For the past two years our Research
and Development team has been on a
mission to create the “perfect” studio
monitor. Since the TRUTH B2031A had
already become the industry standard,
our acoustic engineers decided to start
there and see just how far they could
push the envelope.
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