Cannon 3025 Printer User Manual

NetWare Print Service Settings
Using a NetWare Network (Windows)
NetWare Print Service Settings
To print using a NetWare network, you need to specify print service settings,
including print server and queue settings. You can use the software listed below to
specify the print service settings from your computer.
NWADMIN or PCONSOLE (Novell software provided with NetWare)
Canon utilities (NetSpot Device Installer, etc.)
To specify the print service settings from NWADMIN or NetSpot Device Installer, the
computer must have Novell Client (NetWare Client by Novell) installed.
The following procedures describe a sample NetWare setup. Depending on your
environment, the actual setup procedure may differ.
You can specify the print server settings on the NetWare server and the print service
settings of the machine at the same time, using NetSpot Device Installer. For instructions
on how to specify the settings, see online help of NetSpot Device Installer.
For more information on NetSpot Device Installer, see the Reference Guide.
Types of Print Service
Before specifying print service settings, refer to the following descriptions to
determine the type of print service you are using.
Normally with NetWare 4.x or later, it is recommended that you use NDS print service.
With NetWare 3.2, it is recommended that you use Bindery print service. This manual
describes procedures for these two combinations only.
With NetWare 5.x, you can use NDPS (Novell Distributed Print Services).
For NDPS settings, see the NetWare manual.
With NetWare 6, you can use iPrint print service. For iPrint settings, see the NetWare
NDS (Novell Directory Service) and Bindery Mode
The machine network supports both the NDS and Bindery mode.
Determine the appropriate mode according to the network environment you are using. (If
you are using NetWare 3.2, only the Bindery mode is available.)