Cannon 3025 Printer User Manual

Protocol Settings
Using a NetBIOS Network
On the Network Settings screen, press [SMB Server Settings]
specify the following.
[On] for <Use SMB Server>: You can use the SMB server.
In [Server], enter the name of a computer that the machine connects to, using the
keyboard on the touch panel display. Be sure to enter a unique name that does
not exist as a name for another computer or printer on the same network.
In [Workgroup], enter the name of the workgroup the machine belongs to, using
the keyboard on the touch panel display.
If there is no workgroup on your environment, create a workgroup in the Windows
environment, and then enter the workgroup name.
In [Comment], enter a comment about the printer, if necessary. If you display the
printer information, the comment you specified here appears.
If you want the machine to notify the LAN Manager of its existence on the
network, press [On] for <LM Announce>. If the LAN Manager does not have to
refer to the machine, you can control the traffic over your network by selecting
To set up an SMB printer, press [SMB Printer Settings] [On] for <Use SMB>
enter the printer name of the machine in [Printer].
You cannot enter the domain name as the workgroup name.
You cannot enter a character string that includes blanks in [Server] and
Optional equipment is required to print or send a fax from a computer. For the
equipment needed, see "Optional Equipment and System Requirements," on p.
You cannot enter a character string including blanks in [Printer].