Cannon 3025 Printer User Manual

AppleTalk Network Setup Procedures
Using an AppleTalk Network (Macintosh)
AppleTalk Network Setup Procedures
To print via an AppleTalk network, it is necessary to perform the following
Macintosh Network Settings
To specify AppleTalk network settings, enable AppleTalk according to the instructions in the documentation
provided with your Macintosh.
Protocol Settings (See "Protocol Settings," on p. 6-3.)
Specify the protocol settings. To specify the settings, use:
The machine's control panel
The Remote UI (via a web browser)
Canon utilities (NetSpot Device Installer, etc.)
Macintosh Print Settings (See "Setting Up a Computer for Printing," on p. 6-4.)
Specify the settings for each computer you use for printing.
You need to use optional equipment to print via an AppleTalk network. For the equipment
needed, see "Optional Equipment and System Requirements," on p. 1-2.
It is recommended that the network administrator perform step 2.