Cannon 3025 Printer User Manual

Protocol Settings
Using an AppleTalk Network (Macintosh)
Protocol Settings
This section describes how to specify the protocol settings for the machine using
the control panel. If you are configuring the settings for the first time, use the control
panel of the machine.
After configuring the settings, you can change them using software other than the
control panel of the machine. For details, see "Network Setting Items," on p. 8-2.
You need to use optional equipment to print via an AppleTalk network. For the equipment
needed, see "Optional Equipment and System Requirements," on p. 1-2.
On the Network Settings screen, press [AppleTalk Settings]
specify the following.
[On] for <AppleTalk>: You can use the AppleTalk network.
In [Service Name], enter a name for the printer not longer than 32 characters.
The name you enter here appears on the Macintosh screen.
If you are using a network that is set up in zones, enter the name of the zone in
If there is more than one printer in the same zone, each printer must have a unique
You can also enter a zone name by pressing [Browse] and selecting the
appropriate name from the displayed list.