Cannon 3025 Printer User Manual

Viewing the Network Access Log
Viewing the Network Access Log
This machine logs attempts to gain access from IP addresses that it has been set
to reject. The procedure for referring to the access log is as follows.
For instruction on how to set the machine to permit or reject specific IP addresses,
see step 12 in "TCP/IP Settings," on p. 3-3.
To display [Log], set <Job Log Display> in [System Monitor Screen Restriction] in the
System Settings screen (from the Additional Functions screen) to 'On'.
Press [System Monitor] [Print] [Log] select [Network]
from the drop-down list.
The log pertaining to the rejected IP addresses is displayed.
Up to 100 logs can be displayed.
You can export the log to a CSV format file, using the Remote UI. For instructions,
see the
Remote UI Guide