Cannon 3025 Printer User Manual

Auto Redial
When Auto Redial is set to 'On', the machine automatically redials the recipient's
facsimile number if the line is busy, or if there is a sending error. The machine will wait
two minutes (default) after the initial attempt before redialing. You can specify the
number of times that the machine redials, the length of the redial interval, and
whether to redial after a transmission error.
Specifies the method of the banding operation performed in the printer driver.
Banding defines the output image data of a page by processing it in rectangular
bitmap sections called bands, enabling you to print a document faster.
BOOTstrap Protocol. A protocol that enables a client machine to automatically obtain
network setup information from a server over a TCP/IP network. BOOTP enables a
client to automatically locate such information as the host name, domain name, and
IP address, so that it is not necessary to enter these items manually.
Bits per second. The measure of transmission speed used in relationship to networks
and communication lines.
Buffer size
The size of a data area, or buffer, shared by devices or programs working at different
speeds or with different priorities. The buffer is designed to prevent one device or
process from being held up by another. For this to be possible, the buffer must be set
up correctly.
CA Certificate
A digital certificate issued by a third party CA (Certificate Authority), to be used for
identification purposes in digital business transactions.
Canon Driver Information Assist Service
A software module that specializes in retrieving information from other devices. When
you are using a shared printer in the Print Server (Point and Print) environment, it is
necessary to install Canon Driver Information Assist Service on the server PC to set
up the printer configuration automatically or use the Job Accounting feature.