Cannon 3025 Printer User Manual

A committee that sets international standards for telecommunications. CCITT/ITU-T
was formerly known as CCITT (Consultative Committee for International Telegraph
and Telephone), but is now succeeded by ITU-T (International Telecommunications
Union-Telecommunications Sector).
Community Name
An identification keyword for SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol).
Confidential Fax Inbox
A type of inbox for storing received fax/I-fax documents. If received fax/I-fax
documents match the forwarding conditions, they are forwarded to the Confidential
Fax Inbox corresponding to the forwarding conditions, without being printed. The
documents can then be printed whenever necessary. If a password is set for a
Confidential Fax Inbox, it is necessary to enter a password to print the documents.
Container object
An object in the directory tree of a NetWare network which can hold other objects. An
organizational unit, such as a company department, is a container object. An
organizational unit can contain objects representing network resources, such as
workstations, servers, and printers.
In NetWare, this indicates the location of an object existing in the directory tree.
A file left on a user's computer when the user visits a Web site. A cookie allows the
Web site to recognize the user on subsequent visits. Cookies are generally used to
enable a user to automatically sign on to certain Web sites and to customize the
features offered by such sites.
Copy Ratio/Zoom Ratio
Numeric representation for the reduction or enlargement of an original.
Comma Separated Value file. An ASCII text file commonly used to store the values
held in a table. In the CSV file, commas are used to separate the values of the various
columns in the original table, whereas each new line in the CSV file indicates a new
row in the original table. Data stored in tables is commonly exported using a CSV file
to provide a portable file that can be read by another application that uses the same
type of data, but a different file format.