Cannon 3025 Printer User Manual

Delayed Transmission
Also called "Delayed TX." You can set a time for a document to be sent, and you do
not have to be present when the document is sent at the specified time. You can
reserve up to 120 delayed transmissions.
Device Information Delivery
Registering device information in your machine enables you to set the machine to
deliver the same device information to other imageRUNNER machine models that are
connected to the same network. This enables you to easily manage multiple
machines at the same time.
Device signature certificate
The device signature certificate, when used with a private key inside the machine,
enables you to add a digital signature to a scanned document. This enables the
recipient to verify which machine scanned the document.
Device Status Extension
An extension for Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003 that enables you to view information
about shared printers, and manage print jobs using your Web browser.
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. A protocol which automatically specifies the
network settings of a client on a TCP/IP network. Many of the settings required to set
up TCP/IP, which is the standard protocol of the Internet, can be made automatically
using DHCP.
Digital signature
A code that can be attached to an electronically transmitted message, which uniquely
identifies the sender.
Direct Sending
Use Direct Sending when the memory is full, and you still need to send a document.
Direct Sending scans and sends one page at a time without storing the document in
memory. This enables you to send a document even when the memory is full.
Domain Name System. The system that associates the IP address assigned to a
computer with the domain name.