Cannon 3025 Printer User Manual

DNS server
Domain Name System server. A server which maintains a database that translates
the domain names of Internet servers, such as, into Internet Protocol
(IP) addresses, such as "". This enables clients to connect to a server
with a host name rather than a numeric IP address.
A management concept that divides large scale networks into groups for identifying
individual computers and users. The Internet is managed by classifying domains
according to geographical location or type (business, organization, educational
institution, etc.).
Dots Per Inch. A measure of screen and printer resolution that is expressed as the
number of dots that a device can print or display per linear inch.
Error Correction Mode. Reduces system and line errors when sending or receiving
from another fax machine with ECM capability. ECM divides a page into blocks and
inspects each block for data lost through poor transmission. If part of the data is
missing in a certain block, ECM retransmits that data from the beginning of the block
until it confirms that all of the data within the block has been transmitted successfully.
In this way, ECM guarantees that a good image can be received at the receiving end.
ECM is very effective where the telephone lines are in poor condition. However, ECM
slows the transmission speed, and you may turn this mode off, if it is not needed.
Error indicator
The Error indicator blinks a red light when a paper jam occurs or the machine has run
out of toner or paper. When the Error indicator maintains a steady red light, contact
your local authorized Canon dealer.
An industry standard LAN (Local Area Network) system for connecting multiple
computers. Data is sent from one computer to another by dividing it into packets, and
the packets reach their destinations smoothly without any collision with other packets.
An Apple Computer network standard, used to extend an AppleTalk network to an
Ethernet network.