Cannon 3025 Printer User Manual

File formats
File formats are used to save image data. This machine supports three different file
formats, TIFF, PDF, and PDF (OCR).
File server
A personal computer or workstation to which two or more users on client personal
computers can gain access via a LAN (Local Area Network), to share and use its hard
disk drive.
A resolution mode for sending originals at twice the detail of the Standard resolution
The process of sending a received fax/I-fax document to another destination. For
example, if your machine at work receives a document, you can have the machine
forward the document to a machine at your home. This machine can also forward
documents to a Confidential Fax Inbox.
Fully Qualified Domain Name. A full domain name, consisting of its local host name
and its domain name. An FQDN is sufficient to ascertain a specific Internet address
for any host on the Internet. This (name resolution) process uses DNS (Domain
Name System).
Frame type
The packet format that the network adapter of a computer uses to communicate over
a network. On Ethernet networks, there are four frame types: Ethernet 802.2,
Ethernet 802.3, Ethernet II, and Ethernet SNAP.
File Transfer Protocol. A client-server protocol enabling a user to transfer files on one
computer to and from another computer over a TCP/IP network. The File Transfer
Protocol also governs the client program with which the user transfers files.
Gamma Correction
An adjustment to the overall brightness of a scanner, monitor, or printer. On your
Canon machine, gamma correction refers to the degree of contrast on a printed