Cannon 3025 Printer User Manual

MAC address
Media Access Control address. The hardware address of the network adapter of a
computer connected to a local area network.
Multifunctional Embedded Application Platform. A system enabling the installation of
the Java platform and Java applications on your machine. Utilization of MEAP also
enables you to install and uninstall MEAP applications.
Memory Lock
Usually a document is printed as soon as it is received; but with Memory Lock, all
documents received are stored in memory until you enter a password to print them.
This enables you to attend to the documents at your own leisure, and prevents printed
documents from piling up in the output tray.
Memory RX Inbox
The Memory RX (Receive) Inbox is an inbox for storing received fax/I-fax documents.
Received documents are stored in the Memory RX Inbox without being printed. You
can print or send the stored documents later, or whenever necessary.
Memory Sending
Memory Sending scans documents into memory before sending them. You can
retrieve your original once scanning is complete, and you do not have to wait until
sending is complete.
Management Information Base. A database of objects that can be monitored by a
network management system.
Network Address Translation. A standard that converts private IP addresses of a
node on an internal private network to one or more public IP addresses on the
Novell Distributed Print Services. A printing system developed by Novell, for
managing printers in a network environment.