Cannon 3025 Printer User Manual

Rotary Pulse
Also called "pulse dial." On a rotary pulse telephone, a dial is turned to send pulses to
the telephone switching system.
Abbreviation for "Reception/Receiving."
RX Password
The RX Password is needed to send or receive documents to and from a fax machine
that uses ITU-T standard subaddresses and passwords. If the passwords on both
ends do not match, the fax is not transmitted. Numbers of up to 20 digits, including
spaces, asterisks (*), and pound signs (#), can be used for the RX Password.
Scanning Area
The area actually scanned is slightly smaller than the size of the original document.
Therefore, words or images near the edges of the document may not be scanned. As
a result, make sure that there is some margin space on all sides of the document you
are sending.
Scope ID
The Scope ID is a character string value that is appended to the NetBIOS name and
used in all NetBIOS names for TCP/IP communications. It provides a way for a
computer to communicate only with others sharing the same Scope ID.
Sender's Name
Your personal or organization's name. The sender's name, fax number, date, and time
are printed on each page you send to the recipient. You can register up to 99 sender
Sequential Broadcast
Sequential Broadcasting enables you to send a scanned document to up to 256
destinations simultaneously. If you frequently send documents to the same
destinations, it is highly recommended that you register the numbers as a group in a
one-touch button for group dialing.
Server certificate
The machine has a preinstalled server certificate and key pair, which enables it to
generate a new key pair and self-signed server certificate. This is used for encrypted
SSL communications, such as IPP printing, e-mail, I-fax, Remote UI, and delivering
device information.