Cannon 3025 Printer User Manual

Salutation Architecture. An open standard for locating and controlling scanners,
printers, copiers, fax machines, multifunctional devices, and other peripherals across
the Internet, intranet, or networks, regardless of operating system, network protocol,
or product class.
Server Message Block. A protocol that provides file and printer sharing over a
network for Windows computers.
SMB server
Server Message Block server. A server running the SMB protocol.
Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. A TCP/IP protocol for sending messages from one
computer to another on a network.
Simple Network Management Protocol. The network management protocol of TCP/IP.
In SNMP, agents, which can be hardware as well as software, monitor the activity of
the various devices on the network and report to the network console workstation.
SNMP v. 1
Used for read only access when used in conjunction with SNMP v. 3 for setting MIB
Access Permission levels. Can be set to [Read/Write] if security is not necessary.
SNMP v. 3
Management functions of SNMPv. 3 enable different permission levels for security, if
used in conjunction with SNMP v. 1.
Simple Network Time Protocol. A simplified version of NTP. This protocol enables
computers in a network to synchronize their system times with a public time server
used around the world. The time public NTP servers provide is generally accurate to
within milliseconds.
Source Routing
Normally, a host has no control over the route taken by a packet it sends. Source
routing is a technique whereby the sender of a packet can specify the route that a
packet should take through the network, to its destination.
Simultaneous Peripheral Operations On-Line. Spooling means putting jobs in a buffer,
which is a special area in memory or on a disk. Devices access data at different rates.
The buffer provides a holding area where the data is held until the device for which it
is meant is ready to access it.