Cannon 3025 Printer User Manual

A portion of a network, which may be a physically independent network segment, that
shares a network address with other portions of the network, and is distinguished by
a subnet number.
For example, all devices with IP addresses that start with 255.255.255. would be part
of the same subnet.
Subnet Mask
The method used to determine to which subgroup, or subnet, an IP address belongs.
On TCP/IP networks, all devices whose IP addresses have the same prefix belong to
the same subnet. Dividing a network into subnets is useful for both security and
performance reasons.
Super Fine
A resolution mode for sending originals at four times the detail of the Standard
resolution mode. If the receiving machine does not support this mode, the document
is automatically sent in the Fine mode.
Super G3
Super G3 is a phrase used to describe the generation of fax machines that use ITU-T
V.34 standard 33.6 Kbps modems. Super G3 high-speed fax machines allow a
transmission time of approximately three seconds per page, which results in reduced
telephone line charges.
Switching hub
A network connection box to which a number of computers can be connected.
Conventional hubs send each data packet to every connected computer on the
network, whereas a switching hub forwards data packets from the network to the
appropriate computer, according to the packet's address. Since a switching hub
forwards packets only to their intended recipients, it provides greater efficiency.
Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol. The protocol used to connect to the
Internet and wide area networks.
Telephone Line Type
Depending on the type of phone line that you have, set the machine to touch tone (T)
or pulse (P) dialing.
Tagged Image File Format. A file format that saves images as high-density bitmaps,
and is suitable for large amounts of image data. The information field (tag) at the start
of each image data record indicates the type of data represented.