Cannon 3025 Printer User Manual

Connecting the Machine to a Computer or Network
Settings Common to the Network Protocols
Connecting to a USB Interface
You can connect the machine to a computer with a USB port via a USB cable. The
machine is USB 2.0 Hi-Speed compatible. The drivers and utility that matches the
operating system on your computer will be installed. For more information on
installing the driver through a USB connection, see Chapter 2, "Getting Started," in
the PCL Driver Guide, the PS Driver Guide, the UFR II Driver Guide, or the Fax
Driver Guide.
If you connect or disconnect the USB cable while the machine's main power
switch is ON, do not touch the metal parts around the connector, as this may
result in electrical shock.
Do not connect or disconnect the USB cable in the following situations, as it may cause
your computer or the machine to operate poorly:
- When installing the driver
- When the computer is booting up
- When printing
If you disconnect the USB cable with the computer or machine's main power switch ON,
always wait at least five seconds before reconnecting the cable. Immediately
reconnecting the cable may cause your computer or machine to operate poorly.
When the machine is connected to a personal computer via the USB cable, you will not
be able to use some of the utilities. (See the Network Quick Start Guide.)
If you connect the machine to a personal computer via a USB cable, confirm that [Use
USB Device] (in the System Settings screen) is set to 'On'. (See the Reference Guide.)
USB Port
USB Connector
Driver Software
USB Cable