Cannon 3025 Printer User Manual

Communication Environment Setup
Settings Common to the Network Protocols
If you want to use a Canon printer driver or utility, press [On] for both <Use SNMP
v. 1> and [Enable Dedicated Port].
You can restrict the IP addresses of computers on which items can be set or
browsed. If you restrict the IP addresses, it is not possible to set or browse detailed
information concerning the machine on computers other than those whose IP
addresses are allowed, even if <Use SNMP v. 1>, <Use SNMP v. 3>, and [Enable
Dedicated Port] are 'On'. For details, see "TCP/IP Settings," on p. 3-3.
On the Network Settings screen, press [Use Spooler]
specify the following.
[On]: You can spool print jobs transmitted to this machine on the machine's hard
disk. Set the spooler if you are using the optional UFR II/PCL Printer Kit, the
optional PS Printer Kit, the optional Super G3 FAX Board, or the optional Super
G3 Multi-Line FAX Board.
If the optional PS Printer Kit is activated, take note of the following:
- If the print job is sent from a Macintosh computer to a PS printer, you cannot
specify whether to spool under this option. Spooling is determined by the name of
the printer selected in the Macintosh screen. For more information, see "Setting
Up a Computer for Printing," on p. 6-4.
- If you print a file in PDF or PS format by specifying its URL on the Remote UI, the
print job will always be spooled, regardless of the settings made under this option.
When you spool a print job on the machine's hard disk, the time required to release
a computer outputting a print job is shortened.