Cannon 3025 Printer User Manual

Protocol Settings
Using a TCP/IP Network
Up to 100 MAC addresses can be specified.
If you select [On] for <Apply Settings>, you will become unable to access from
MAC addresses which have not been specified. Check the MAC addresses
carefully before specifying them. If the corresponding MAC address does not exist,
you will become unable to access the network.
Confirming TCP/IP Settings
The following is the procedure for confirming that the network connections are
properly set.
On the TCP/IP Settings screen, press [PING Command]
check the following.
Pressing [Start] after entering the desired IP address existing on the network
displays the result of the PING command on the touch panel display.
If this result is inappropriate, check the settings described in "Interface Settings,"
on p. 2-9, and "TCP/IP Settings," on p. 3-3.
If you set the startup time of the machine's network function by following the
procedure in "Startup Time Settings," on p. 3-30, execute the PING command only
after the time set as the startup time passes.
If you connect the machine to a switching hub, the machine may not be able to
connect to a network even though your network settings are appropriate. This
problem may be resolved by delaying the startup of network communications for
the machine. See "Startup Time Settings," on p. 3-30 for information on how to set
up the startup time.