Cannon 3025 Printer User Manual

Protocol Settings
Using a TCP/IP Network
Press [Next] set the self-signed server certificate.
You cannot set an end date which is earlier than the start date.
Set at least one of the following items press [Start Key Generatn] to generate a
key. You cannot issue a server certificate if all the items are left blank.
Items you can set:
A DNS server is necessary to use the FQDN of the machine in [Common Name].
Use the IP address of the machine if you do not have a DNS server.
The key pair you have registered cannot be used for encrypting communications
with SSL until it has been set as the default key pair. For instructions on how to set
the default key pair, see "Editing Key Pairs and Server Certificates," on p. 3-19.
To confirm the key pair and server certificate you have registered, see "Editing Key
Pairs and Server Certificates," on p. 3-19.
After pressing [Start Key Generatn], you cannot use any of the keys until a key pair
has been generated and registered.
[Country/Region]: Select the country/region name from the 25 countries/
regions in the list, or enter an Internet country code (2
characters maximum).
[State]: Set the state name (24 characters maximum).
[City]: Set the city name (24 characters maximum).
[Organization]: Set the organization name (24 characters maximum).
[Orgnztion Unit]: Set the organization unit, such as the department name (24
characters maximum).
[Common Name]: Set the IP address or FQDN (for example, of the machine (24 characters