Cannon 3025 Printer User Manual

Protocol Settings
Using a TCP/IP Network
If the SMTP host does not support encryption, data is not encrypted when [On] is
selected for <Allow SSL (SMTP Send)>.
If you are using an SMTP server that does not require authentication
for sending e-mail:
In [SMTP Server], enter the SMTP server IP address or name using the
keyboard on the touch panel display.
Press [Off] both for <SMTP Authentication (SMTP AUTH)> and <POP
Authentication before Sending>.
Startup Time Settings
If you connect the machine to a switching hub, it may not be able to connect to a
network even though your network settings are set correctly.
This occurs because the spanning tree process performed between switching hubs
prevents them from communicating with each other immediately after the machine
connects to a switching hub.
In this case, use the following procedure to delay the start of communication.
On the Network Settings screen, press [Startup Time Settings]
specify the following.
Press [-] or [+] to set the time period to delay the startup of network
communications for the machine.