Cannon 3025 Printer User Manual

Setting Up a Computer for Printing/Sending a Fax
Using a TCP/IP Network
Mac OS X
Install the driver.
Install the driver according to the instructions in the manual for each driver.
If you want to use the UFR II printer driver
See the
Mac UFR II Driver Guide
If you want to use the PS printer driver
See the
Mac PS Driver Guide
If you want to use a PS printer driver provided by Apple Computer, Inc.
For instructions on how to install the corresponding PPD file from Canon, see
Network Quick Start Guide
. For details about the PS printer driver, see the
documentation provided with your Macintosh.
The machine supports the LPD print application for printing over TCP/IP networks.
The following procedures are only examples. The setup procedures for your
environment may differ.
Log in to a workstation as a superuser set up the spooling
Example using Solaris 1.x:
Add the following to the /etc/printcap file:
<Print queue name>|<comment>:\
Example using Solaris 2.x:
Start the admintool utility click [Browse] [Printers] [Edit] [Add]
[Access to Printer] in [Printer Name], enter the desired print queue name
in [Print Server], enter the IP address or printer host name.
:lp=<device special file>:\
:sd=<spool directory>:\
:rm=<printer IP address or host name>: