Canon MP780 All in One Printer User Manual

Start Here
Easy Setup Instructions
1 Unpack and install the machine.
Check the package contents.
In this sheet, illustrations of MP780 are shown.
A printer cable is not included. You must purchase a USB cable (less than 16 3/8 ft.) to connect your
machine to a computer.
2 Connect the telephone line. (MP780 model only)
Connect the telephone line and any necessary external device.
For details, see the Quick Start Guide.
3 Connect the power cord.
1 Connect the power cord.
1. Connect one end of the power cord to the rear of the machine.
2. Connect the other end to the AC outlet.
2 If the message <PUT IN CARTRIDGE> appears, go to Step 4, "Install the print
4 Install the print head.
1 Press the Open Button to open the
Paper Output Tray. Then lift the
Scanning Unit until it locks into place.
Be sure to hold the Scanning Unit firmly with one
6 Lower the lock lever.
5 Install the ink tanks.
1 Prepare the ink tanks.
2 Insert the ink tanks.
3 Close the Inner Covers and the Scanning Unit.
6 Load the paper.
1 Open the Auto Sheet Feeder.
2 Load two sheets or more of letter-size plain paper.
7 Align the print head from the Operation Panel.
Be sure to align the print head to ensure print quality.
1 Press [OK] to start print head alignment.
If the printed pattern matches the illustration, print head alignment is complete.
You can change the language displayed on the LCD.
For details, see "Selecting The Language For The LCD" in the Quick Start Guide.
You have completed installation and alignment.
If you are connecting the machine to a computer for use, see the rear side of this sheet for
instructions on installing the software.
Thank you for purchasing the Canon PIXMA MP780/750. To prepare your machine for use, please follow these
Easy Setup Instructions before referring to any other documentation.
Do not connect the USB cable until after the software is installed. See the rear side of this sheet for details.
Machine Power cord
•Print head
Telephone line
Ink tanks
Black BCI-3eBK Black BCI-6BK
Cyan BCI-6C
Magenta BCI-6M
Yellow BCI-6Y
Easy Setup Instructions Quick Start Guide
Setup CD-ROM
The Setup CD-ROM contains the MP Drivers, as well as the User's Guide, Software Guide and Photo
Application Guide in electronic format. Please read these guides.
2 Open the two Inner Covers. 3 Raise the lock lever.
4 Prepare the print head. 5 Insert the print head.
Connect external devices as follows:
External device jack
Telephone line jack
Telephone or answering machine
Built-in computer modem and telephone
Telephone or
answering machine
Connect the telephone
line cord to the wall jack.
You can connect an external
device (telephone or answering machine) if necessary.
Press the Open Button.
Lift the Scanning
the Scanning
Unit Lever.
(1) Open the two
Inner Covers.
(2) The Print Head Holder moves to the center.
(3) Install the print
head here.
Touch only the lock lever!
Raise this securely.
Do not touch!
Remove the protective cap and discard it.
(2) Push back.
(1) Insert.
Lower the lock lever
until you hear a click
as it locks into place.
Remove the orange-colored
protective film. If it is not
removed completely,
problems with printing
may occur.
Remove the protective cap
and discard it.
Do not touch!
Push it in until locks
into place.
Bad example: Tank 6BK is
not fully inserted.
Make sure to press it down
Good example
Close the two Inner Covers.
Pull the Scanning Unit Lever
towards you to close the
Scanning Unit.
Be sure to hold the Scanning Unit firmly with one hand.
(2) Pull out the Paper
Support until it stops.
Pinch and adjust
the paper guide
to the width of
the stack.
Load the paper with the print side face up.
Ensure the paper stack
does not exceed the paper limit mark.
(1) Open the Auto Sheet
(1) This message appears. (2) Press [OK].
If this message
does not appear
after closing the
Scanning Unit,
see "Aligning
The Print Head
in the Quick Start
(3) The machine will print
the print head position
pattern and automatically
align the print head.
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