Canon MP140 All in One Printer User Manual

Start Here
Easy Setup Instructions
When moving the machine, carry the machine at both ends as shown below. Do not lift
the machine by grasping the Paper Support Extension or the Operation Panel.
place any objects in front of the machine.
bLift the Scanning Unit (Printer Cover), then remove the
Protective Material on the right side.
Protective Material
Before turning on the machine, remove all of the shipping tapes.
cClose the Scanning Unit (Printer Cover).
1 Prepare the Machine
dPlug the Power Cord in the back of the machine and connect the
other end to the wall outlet.
Power Cord
Do not connect the USB cable at this stage.
ePress the ON/OFF button to turn on the machine. The machine
remains lit green.
fLift the Scanning Unit (Printer Cover) and pull the Scanning
Unit Support down into place. The FINE Cartridge Holder
automatically moves to the left.
Cartridge Holder
moves to the left.
Install the FINE
Cartridges here.
Write down the Serial Number located inside the machine. You
will need this to register your product.
Serial Number
2 Install the FINE Cartridges
a Remove the Black FINE Cartridge from its box.
b Remove the Protective Tape gently.
Protective Tape
Electrical Contacts
Do not touch the Electrical Contacts or Print Head Nozzles on a FINE Cartridge.
The machine may not print out properly if you touch it.
Do not reattach the Protective Tape once you have removed it.
Be careful not to stain your hands or surrounding work area with ink on the
removed Protective Tape.
c Insert the Black FINE Cartridge slightly slanted into the left slot
d Push up the FINE Cartridge until it clicks into place.
For correct machine operation, make sure the FINE Cartridge is secure in slots.
e Repeat the procedure for the Color FINE Cartridge, inserting it
into the right slot
f Lift the Scanning Unit (Printer Cover) to put the Scanning Unit
Support back to its original position, then close the Scanning
Unit (Printer Cover).
Once you have installed the FINE Cartridges, the LED will ash green. Wait for
about one to two minutes, until the LED stops ashing and displays 1 and the
machine has stopped making operating noises, before proceeding.
Hardware setup is complete.
Unpack the Machine
A USB cable is necessary to connect the machine with your computer.
Photo All-in-One