Casio HK1223 Laptop User Manual

Caring for the Computer 7-5
When Traveling
Before traveling with your computer, make a backup of your hard
disk data into optical discs or other storage devices. As an added
precaution, bring along an extra copy of your important data.
Make sure the battery pack is fully charged.
Make sure the computer is turned off.
Do not leave objects that will press onto the display.
Disconnect the AC adapter from the computer and take it with you.
Use the AC adapter as the power source and as a battery-charger.
Hand-carry the computer. Do not check it in as luggage.
Allow extra time for airport security. Many airports inspect
electronic devices carefully.
When going through airport security, it is recommended that you
send the computer and USB disks through the X-ray machine (the
device you set your bags on). Avoid the magnetic detector (the device
you walk through) or the magnetic wand (the hand-held device used
by security personnel).
If you plan to travel abroad with your computer, consult your dealer
for the appropriate AC power cord for use in your country of