Casio HK1223 Laptop User Manual

Troubleshooting 8-7
Make sure that the monitor’s signal cable is properly connected.
Switch the display to the monitor by pressing Fn+F9, or change the
display through the settings in Display Properties.
Simultaneous display/multi-display does not work.
Make sure that you turn on the external monitor before turning on the
Press Fn+F9 to toggle through the display options or change the
settings in Display Properties in Windows.
Fingerprint Recognition Problems
The fingerprint recognition application does not work.
Make sure that the necessary driver is correctly installed.
Make sure that your finger is properly placed on the surface of the
Hardware Device Problems
The computer does not recognize a newly installed device.
The device may not be correctly configured in the SCU program. Run
the SCU program to identify the new type.
Make sure if any device driver needs to be installed. (Refer to the
documentation that came with the device.)
Make sure if the device needs any jumper or switch settings. (Refer to
the documentation that came with the device.)
Check the cables or power cords for correct connections.
For an external device that has its own power switch, make sure that
the power is turned on.