Casio HK1223 Laptop User Manual

1-6 Getting Started
Taking a Look at the Computer
This section identifies the external components of the computer and
briefly describes the function of each component.
NOTE: Depending on the model you purchased, the appearance of your computer may
not exactly be the same as those shown in this manual.
Right-Side Components
Ref Component Description See Also
PC Card Slot
Accepts a PC card for additional functions. P. 4-6
Connects the telephone line. P. 2-19
USB Ports
Each of the two ports connects a USB device,
such as a USB floppy drive, printer, digital
camera, joystick, and more.
P. 4-3
Connects the LAN cable. Includes a Link
Indicator and an Active Indicator.
P. 2-21
DVD Dual
Accepts a compact disc (CD) for installing or
loading software, accessing data, and playing
P. 2-15